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History of the Red Ribbon

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The History of the Red Ribbon


The red ribbon is the international symbol of HIV/AIDS awareness. It was brought to life by a group of New York City artists called Visual AIDS. The artists sought to create an image, which would be simple yet bold -- able to make an impact wherever it was seen. Red was chosen to symbolize blood and danger. The tails of the ribon pointing down was chosen to symbolize life flowing away.


In the years since it made it debut (at the 1992 Tony Awards in New York City), the red ribbon has become synonymous with the fight against HIV/AIDS. Monies raised through the sale of red ribbons has gone towards providing support services for people living with HIV/AIDS, including medical and counselling services, support and peer education.


The tremendous success of the red ribbon has seen the concept borrowed by many other organizations -- from breast cancer awareness (pink ribbon) to suicide prevention (yellow ribbon).



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